Metro Denver Partners is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and we do our best to ensure maximum impact for your financial contributions.

You can change a child’s future by supporting Partners’ vision with a generous donation. Your gift will keep our successful mentoring and gang intervention programs strong.

"Over half of our funding comes from private sources, and 93 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to support youth programs."

Partners has changed the future for over 16,000 kids since 1968. You can help us continue to positively impact the lives of youth in our community.

Results continue to indicate that after one year of mentoring, youth show statistically significant positive gains in less self-reported delinquency, less acceptance of interpersonal violence, increased bonding with an adult other than a family member and increased self confidence/self esteem.

To view Partners' financial information, please visit our GivingFirst page.